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Personnel, equipment changes considered for mayor's court


Pataskala City Council's finance committee on April 21 reviewed the administration's plan to change personnel duties and upgrade equipment for mayor's court.

Councilman Todd Barstow, the committee chairman, said city officials want a part-time administrative assistant who answers phones and works for mayor's court to become a full-time mayor's court employee.

Barstow said the change would help the city upgrade its probation, diversion and community-service programs.

The city would need to hire another full-time employee to answer phones for the administration, he said.

The Pataskala Division of Police also wants the city to change the way it pays a part-time officer who issues zoning citations.

Police Chief Bruce Brooks has asked that the zoning department fund the officer's salary.

Brooks said if that happens, the city could hire another part-time officer. For example, he said, if the city needs to place a cruiser on Taylor Road during certain hours to watch for truck traffic, the part-time officer could be assigned to that duty.

Brooks said the police division has two part-time officers, one of whom issues zoning citations. They are paid $15 an hour.

Brooks said other upgrades in the mayor's court proposal, such as purchasing a new imaging system for records, would benefit the police division.

Barstow said the committee reviewed the proposal and requested costs of all the changes, which will be reviewed at a future committee meeting.

"Once they get something more formal put together, they will have something more to present," he said.