Pataskala City Council plans to discuss a recall election for Councilwoman Pat Sagar during a June 30 meeting, according to Mayor Mike Compton.

Pataskala City Council plans to discuss a recall election for Councilwoman Pat Sagar during a June 30 meeting, according to Mayor Mike Compton.

The June 30 special meeting had not been officially scheduled at ThisWeek's press time June 27.

A petition submitted by Carl and Deanna Roshong of Mill Street to recall Sagar from serving as Pataskala City Council's First Ward representative was certified June 20. City Council clerk Kathy Hoskinson said she certified the petition, per the procedure laid out in the city charter.

Sagar said June 23 she would not resign and declined to comment further.

Because Sagar did not resign within five days of receiving the certified petition, City Council had to schedule a recall election "not less than 40 days nor more than 60 days after the date of the clerk's certification," according to the city charter.

According to section 10.02 of the city charter, residents can request removal of any City Council member by submitting a letter of intent to the council clerk and then circulating a petition. The petition must contain valid signatures from 15 percent of the electors who voted in the First Ward, which Sagar represents, in the most recent regular municipal election.

Gloria Carson, director of the Licking County Board of Elections, said 711 First Ward residents voted in Pataskala's last municipal election in November 2013. That means the petition was required to have 107 valid signatures.

The recall petition was filed May 19.

Carl Roshong said he and his wife filed the recall petition because Sagar is unresponsive to voters in her ward; does not recognize the needs of her constituency and represent those needs, choosing instead to side with more urban concerns over the rural nature of her ward; and does not conduct herself professionally, showing emotions at times and failing to ask pertinent questions during interviews for various positions in the city.

He said Sagar's most egregious shortcoming is that she is not responsive "to me and others and has shown an unwillingness to respond or respond in a timely manner -- in my case, to respond, period, and in the case of others, to respond in a timely manner."

He said other people share their concerns and eight people were involved in filing the initial letter requesting Sagar's recall.

Roshong said he knew people who would be interested in Sagar's seat if it were vacated, but he is not interested in the position.

Sagar and Roshong have squared off for the First Ward seat before: Sagar defeated him in the November 2007 election when he challenged her for the seat.

Sagar is vice president of Pataskala City Council and is in her third term representing the First Ward after being appointed to City Council in 1999. Her current term expires Dec. 31, 2015.