Pataskala City Councilwoman Pat Sagar spoke July 7 about the recall election slated Aug. 19 to have her removed from City Council.

Pataskala City Councilwoman Pat Sagar spoke July 7 about the recall election slated Aug. 19 to have her removed from City Council.

During the July 7 City Council meeting, Sagar said she was unable to attend the June 30 special meeting on the recall because she already had planned and paid for a vacation trip.

She said because the meeting was called close to the June 30 date, she could not change her plans and said she is ready to answer "any and all questions related to this frivolous recall."

The recall was initiated by Carl and Deanna Roshong, who circulated petitions and obtained signatures from the required 15 percent of voters – 107 people – in the First Ward.

Pataskala City Council on June 30 voted 6-0 to set a recall election Aug. 19.

Precincts in the city's First Ward will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Aug. 19. Only First Ward residents will vote to retain Sagar or remove her from City Council.

Carl Roshong previously told ThisWeek he and his wife filed the recall petition because Sagar is unresponsive to voters in her ward; does not recognize the needs of her constituency and represent those needs, choosing instead to side with more urban concerns over the rural nature of her ward; and does not conduct herself professionally, showing emotions at times and failing to ask pertinent questions during interviews for various positions in the city.

First Ward resident Eileen DeRolf spoke at the June 30 meeting, saying she, too, had issues with Sagar.

DeRolf said Sagar does not always represent the rural concerns of her ward and that earlier this year, Sagar asked the Pataskala Division of Police to prevent DeRolf from speaking to her.

DeRolf has said she wants an investigation into that use of the police.

Compton said he has tried to mediate the situation and is discussing DeRolf's request for an investigation with the city's attorney, Rufus Hurst.

Police Chief Bruce Brooks said Sagar showed him an email from DeRolf on Jan. 15. He said Sagar told him she did not want to be contacted further by DeRolf and he said he advised Sagar that he could speak to DeRolf and ask her to refrain from contacting Sagar and tell her of potential charges that could be pursued.

He said Sagar was not interested in pressing charges and because he was not in uniform, Brooks said, he had officer Scott McClelland go with him to speak to DeRolf.

Sagar said she received DeRolf's email during the disciplinary hearings for Councilman Mike Fox. The email said Fox "played a significant role in saving your son's life."

Sagar's son was gravely injured in a 1990 accident near Fox's home. Fox has said he rendered aid to Sagar's son, but ThisWeek was unable to obtain official records by press time.

Sagar admitted to crying after the Fox hearing Jan. 15.

"I admit to crying at this time (Jan. 15) – the only time I have ever cried at a City Council meeting," she said. "My tears were out of frustration and sadness that this personal family event was being used to humiliate and embarrass me."

Sagar said she did not respond to DeRolf's email. She said she also declined to respond to two emails from Roshong, calling his emails "rude, mean-spirited and disrespectful."

One of the emails from Roshong referenced her crying at the meeting.

Sagar's term expires at the end of 2015, and she has said she would not run for another.