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Boals could be named assistant police chief


Pataskala City Council plans at a future meeting to review a potential salary increase and title change for police Capt. Michael Boals.

Boals joined the Pataskala Division of Police as an auxiliary officer in May 1993 and became a full-time officer in December 1995. He said he was promoted to sergeant in 2000, to lieutenant in 2001 and became a captain in November 2012.

City Council is expected to change his title to deputy chief, Boals said.

The city also would increase Boals' pay from $68,665.74 to $71,437.96 annually, said James Nicholson, Pataskala's finance director.

The city also pays 19.5 percent of his salary -- $13,389.82 -- to the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund.

Boals pays 10 percent of his benefits package and the city pays the rest, which costs the city $11,793.60 annually.

If his salary is increased, the city's pension contribution would increase to $13,930.40 and his benefits would stay the same, said Janice Smith, the city's finance manager.

Pataskala City Council on July 7 considered amending the pay matrix for nonunion employees to include Boals' salary increase.

Council President Dan Hayes asked why Boals' pay increase was tied to police Chief Bruce Brooks' salary; it is listed as 87.5 percent of the chief's salary.

Hayes said it might not make sense to tie the two salaries together because increases also would be linked.

Hayes said salary increases should be based on merit, not because another administrator received an increase.

City Council voted unanimously July 7 to table the legislation until the wording could be changed to separate salaries for the two positions.

Boals said if he is promoted to deputy chief, the city would not fill his captain's position.

His duties also would not change, Boals said.

Boals already fills in for the chief when he is out of town.