Pataskala's Street Committee is considering ways to alleviate traffic concerns on Granville Street.

Pataskala's Street Committee is considering ways to alleviate traffic concerns on Granville Street.

Parking is allowed on one side of the narrow street, which makes it difficult for residents and school buses to enter and exit if a large vehicle such as a trash truck is on the street, the committee learned July 21.

Pataskala City Councilman Bryan Lenzo, who is chairman of the committee, asked if there is a way to limit parking on the street.

Pataskala City Administrator Benjamin King said he will research city code to determine if there already are parking limits on city streets.

He said if the code already prohibits unlimited parking, the city can begin enforcing parking restrictions.

Lenzo asked if there are other ways the city can help with residents' concerns about access, perhaps limiting residents to the number of cars they can park on the street.

Pataskala City Engineer, John Gross of Stantec Engineering said there isn't an easy way to fix the issue. He said it would cost too much to widen the street and widening would push the curbs too close to the homes.

Gross said the city should try to enforce existing policies first, such as removal of non-operable vehicles, before implementing other layers of restrictions.

City Service Department employee Jason Fravel said residences on Granville Street do have driveways.

City Councilman Tim Hickin, a committee member, said he has four people driving in his home and three cars and he understands it can be difficult to park all of the vehicles in one driveway.

Gross suggested inviting Granville Street residents to a public meeting and ask them for solutions.

Lenzo said he'd like the committee to have a potential solution in place before school starts.

Other matters

In other business, the street committee talked about banning parking on city streets during snow events so city crews can clear local streets.

King suggested preventing parking on the street during Level 2 or Level 3 snow emergencies, when the city is anticipating a heavy snowfall.

He said it is difficult for snow plows to remove snow when cars are parked on the streets. This past winter many cars got plowed in, surrounded by large mounds of snow.

The committee agreed to continue at a future meeting the discussion of limiting on-street parking during snow events.