On the verge of sending unruly Labrador retriever to the dog pound, owner and trainer discover the dog's nerves can be calmed by painting.

Monty was a 100-pound Labrador retriever whose behavior was so bad that his owner was ready to send him to the dog pound.

“He was absolutely out of control,” said dog behaviorist Elissa O’Sullivan.

After being contacted by Monty’s owner, who lives in Bexley, O’Sullivan began a training regimen that included positive rewards for good behavior. She taught Monty several tricks, hoping to give Monty a mission in life.

One of Monty’s first tricks involved using a duster to “clean” a coffee table. From there,O’Sullivan thought about switching to a paintbrush. With paints, an old easel, and lots of construction paper, Monty became a painter.

After he mastered painting, O’Sullivan taught Monty a new trick sure to please Ohio State fanatics: She yells O-H, and Monty responds with two barks for “I-O.”