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Charlie Battery, 1-174 Air Defense Artillery to deploy from Marysville

The Charlie Battery (Cyclones), 1-174 Air Defense Artillery Regiment - based at the Marysville Ohio Army National Guard Training and Community Center - will deploy from Marysville on Sept. 20 at 6:30 a.m.

The Union County Military Family Support Group (UCMFSG) is encouraging all Union County residents to line the streets as they deploy as part of the War on Terror.

"Union County's Own" will depart the Marysville Armory at 6:30 a.m. on Sept. 20, going south on Coleman's Crossing Boulevard; then southeast on Industrial Parkway; then east on Scottslawn Road; and then southeast on U.S. 33 en route to Port Columbus International Airport.

The UCMFSG is encouraging residents, students, employees, and visitors show the community's support for the Charlie Battery soldiers by lining Coleman's Crossing Boulevard, Industrial Parkway, and Scottslawn Road and providing them with a community sendoff.

The UCMFSG is also encouraging the businesses to allow their employees and schools to join together and support our troops as they depart for their mission.

The soldiers of Charlie Battery will join the remaining regiment from Woodlawn, Ohio, and travel to Fort Sill, Okla., for training and then deploy to Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn, while being reconfigured as Charlie Battery, 1-174 ADA Task Force C-RAM (Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar).

The C-RAM mission represents an approach to countering insurgent activities by providing early warning of impending mortar attacks, and a kinetic intercept capability against rockets, artillery and mortar rounds prior to impact, thereby reducing or eliminating the potential for injury to service members or damage to equipment and infrastructure.

"Just a short month ago our community provided one the best welcome home celebrations for the 585th Military Police and now we would like to see our community come out and support the Charlie Battery as they deploy for Iraq," said Ken Bonnell, retired Army lieutenant colonel and member of the Union County Military Family Support Group. "We are blessed to have two units stationed at the Marysville armory and we want them to have a successful mission which will protect our freedoms," said Bonnell.

Assisting are veteran and first-responder organizations in Union County, Marysville, Plain City and Richwood. Additionally, the city of Marysville, Union County, the village of Plain City, and the Union County Chamber of Commerce have provided assistance.