This summer will bring an abundance of orange barrels to the city of Marysville.

This summer will bring an abundance of orange barrels to the city of Marysville.

City council's public safety committee met Feb. 23 to discuss planned road construction projects. There are three that drivers will have to deal with, starting in July.

The County Home Road and state Route 4 intersection is on what city engineer Valerie Klingman called "the fast track."

"This project is 50-percent funded by the Ohio Public Works Commission," Klingman said.

Surveying work is complete and work has started on preliminary designs. It will be three to four weeks before the city decides which of the proposed concepts to implement. The project includes a traffic light, turn lanes and a profile correction to help with line of sight for drivers. Klingman said traffic will be maintained throughout the summer.

City administrator Terry Emery said the inconvenience of construction will lead to a "dramatic improvement and a much safer" intersection.

Work on the state Route 4 bridge over U.S. Route 33 will be done by the Ohio Department of Transportation with no cost to the city. The project includes adding a pedestrian sidewalk on the west side of the bridge, conduits for future lighting and a "City of Marysville" sign on the side of the bridge.

Klingman said design work is being completed the third project, renovating the Maple Street bridge over Mill Creek. The city will try to maintain the traffic during construction, but the span will have to be completely closed at certain times, she said.

The project includes replacing some of the beams, rails and sidewalks, and repaving the bridge. The majority of funding is coming from the municipal bridge program.

"It definitely has some issues and needs some help," Klingman said of the bridge. "It could be a 60-to-90-day project."

The city has been in contact with the school district should the project not be completed when the 2012-2013 school year starts, she said.

ODOT is expected to send legislation to the city in March regarding work on the ramps from Route 33 to Route 31 North in the spring of 2013, Klingman said.

"This is a 100-percent ODOT project. They just need our cooperation," she said.

Marysville pubic service director John Mitchell said the guardrail along the ramp is replaced eight to 10 times a year.

"Go look at the guardrail - you can see all the different colors and you can see the places that have been replaced and how long ago they were replaced," Klingman said.

Emery pointed out that drivers may not see a huge difference but there will be a difference in safety once the work is done.