Marysville News

Board offices still vacant

School district awaits damage estimates


Plywood still covers a hole at the Marysville Board of Education office on Edgewood Drive, waiting for repair work to get started.

Superintendent Diane Mankins hopes to take a step toward that goal this week and get district administrators back into the building by the end of the year.

A truck drove through the building on Sept. 17, causing damage to the front lobby and front offices. District administration operations were forced to move to the old middle school on Maple Street.

Mankins said the district should receive repair drawings and scope of work information from the architect on Monday, Oct. 15.

"Final bids to repair the building and replace contents will be received after repair drawings and scope of work are completed," she said.

A scope of work outlines the job to be performed under a contract for a project. It usually breaks the project into specific tasks and deadlines.

Some contractors have already reviewed the building and will submit bids once the repair drawings and scope of work are completed and sent to them.

Mankins said there is no total on the amount of damage done to the building yet. The scope of work must come in first before the district can say exactly how much damage was done.

Since the contractors have already reviewed the damage, the return of their bids should come quickly which will be followed shortly by the awarding of the contract, she said.

Mankins said with everything being taken into consideration, she hopes to be back in the board office sometime around Thanksgiving or Dec. 1.

"The district was extremely fortunate that there was no major structural damage," she said.

One district employee was inside the building at the time of the accident but was not injured.