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Medic moves to temporary home at sheriff's office


Starting the week of Nov. 12, the Marysville Fire Department's Medic Unit 272 will be based in the sally port of the Union County Sheriff's Office, 221 W. Fifth St.

The arrangement is a temporary one that will remain in effect until construction is finished on a new police and court facility being built at the corner of West Fifth Street and Raymond Road. It is expected to be ready in March.

The city recently moved its emergency response personnel from Uptown to the new 271 Decker Fire Station on County Home Road. That raised concerns among some residents about response times to the Uptown area, resulting in the relocation of the medic unit.

Mayor John Gore said Marysville Fire Department personnel have not experienced issues in response times since the move, but addressing any concerns of the public is top priority.

"It would be the last thing we would want for anyone to suffer because we didn't have the service," Gore said.

"The sheriff is giving us a room for the guys to be in," he said. "We're going to have hours from about 7:30 a.m. to about 8 p.m., which seems to be the heavy hours of service."

Sheriff Jamie Patton and the Union County commissioners were very receptive to the idea.

"I was glad to help in any way I could," Patton said. "We had to make a few adjustments in our operations here at the sheriff's office, but you must look at who does this really benefit: It's the citizens of Marysville and Union County -- the people we all provide public safety to."

Chief Jay Riley said the fire department will monitor the situation to see if the plan is working effectively.

"Our plan is that when we open up the new police and court facility, we use our own sally port," Gore said.

The mayor said he is pleased that a city medic unit will be housed at the county sheriff's office temporarily.

"That's what makes this community a great place to live: Everybody works together. We're excited about being able to do that and excited about setting minds at ease," Gore said.