New Beginnings Church in Marysville is getting just that -- a new beginning -- while the city of Marysville gains a new business.

New Beginnings Church in Marysville is getting just that -- a new beginning -- while the city of Marysville gains a new business.

New Beginnings Church made a $1.7 million deal when it sold approximately 19 acres of land to Meijer for the construction of a new Meijer store on Coleman's Crossing Boulevard next to Home Depot.

New Beginnings Elder Richard Spears says the process of working with Meijer could not have gone better.

"They've been really great people to work with," Spears said. "It's really been a collaborative effort.

"They've given on areas and we've given on areas and it's really been a great collaborative relationship," Spears said.

The land is part of a parcel of nearly 48 acres New Beginnings originally bought in 2003.

It sold off 9.3 acres in August 2004.

"Part of that ground is what Home Depot sits on," Spears said.

"So, part of the effort there was to help the development move forward and help get things set up for Home Depot at that time," he said.

Pastor Dan Steepe said the sale of that land helped the church pay off the remainder of the land and left the church with 38 acres free and clear.

Over the years several opportunities have come and gone, but things stalled when the retail market took a hit between 2006 and 2007.

"There were inquiries, but nothing really substantial or legitimate until Meijer came to the table," Steepe said.

"When you look at the size of our congregation and our lease space you start to wonder are things going to happen," Spears said.

"We're not always supposed to know the timing of when things are going to happen and that's learning to be patient and waiting on God for the right opportunity to come," Spears said.

That opportunity was in the fall of 2011 when Meijer made contact and the church went into contract with Meijer in February 2012.

New Beginnings plans to construct a building on the remaining 19 acres, but estimates it might be another three years to complete the building.

"When we bought the land we certainly thought we were going to be located on it a lot sooner than now," Steepe said.

"But when the market turned it really put everything on hold," he said.

Meijer owns nearly 200 stores in five states.

Company representatives are scheduled to be at the Marysville Design Review Board meeting at 6 p.m. Feb. 13 to discuss revisions to its exterior plans.

City of Marysville Public Information Officer Anna Krutowskis said Meijer has not yet submitted information for engineering or zoning review with the city.

"I think (Meijer is) going to be a good addition to our community," Steepe said.

"We're excited because we feel this transaction ultimately puts us in a better position to serve our community and to make a positive investment within our community."

The church closed on the property Jan. 31 and while the deal left the church with a nice start to a new building, Steepe says it is about more than money.

"From the time we actually closed on the property I haven't even thought about the money," he said.

"We feel like we have plenty of work to do just developing our ministry footprint in the community.

"We see the proceeds as a means to an end but not the end," Steepe said.