Mayor John Gore says after his first full year as mayor, the state of the city is strong.

Mayor John Gore says after his first full year as mayor, the state of the city is strong.

Gore gave his State of the City address at the Marysville City Council meeting Thursday, Feb. 14. He said his administration focused on three main areas in 2012: The first was to continue collaborative efforts with Union County and the Marysville school district as the group formed a council of governments to focus on pooling resources to save money.

Second, they examined the entire organization in an effort to enhance customer service, service efficiency, and reduce city costs.

The third focus for the administration was to follow the city's core values that were implemented in 2011: quality customer service, accountability throughout the organization, respect and proactive communication.

Gore said Marysville's finances are strong, despite a decrease in revenue from the state. "One of my top priorities while serving as mayor was to pay off the water plant debt," Gore said.

In 2012, the city paid off in its entirety the water acquisition note of $1.6 million, the 2002 water mortgage revenue bond of $2.5 million and the 2003 water plant debt of $5.3 million.

Other highlights included a 2013 budget plan to reduce city spending by more than $4 million; the introduction of 12 new businesses in the city; other economic development, including the $11.9-million Cardiovascular Center at Memorial Hospital of Union County; Team Marysville, an association of Marysville officials, business owners and residents, established to help improve economic conditions in the Uptown District; and securing funding for Phase I of the Town Run restoration project.

Gore also mentioned construction of sand volleyball courts at Eljer Park as well as maintenance pavement and sidewalk repair throughout the city.

A point of pride for Gore was the construction of three new city buildings, including the new Decker Fire Station on County Home Road, completed in the fall of 2012; the police and court facility due to be completed within the next few months; and the Municipal Services Complex at the corner of Sixth and Main streets, now under construction.

The report included several infrastructure projects, including a new traffic light at the state Route 4-County Home Road intersection and the rehabilitation of the Maple Street bridge.

"We have an excellent school system, a vibrant community, and we provide top-notch city services," Gore said. "We have had a very successful year and I look forward to a productive 2013 filled with accomplishment and success."

Council President Nevin Taylor thanked Gore for his service and said he believs Gore's time spent on council was a benefit to both city administration and the council.

"One of the things that's very obvious to us is your training on this side of the table and finance," Taylor said.

"Your training and leadership as a president of council previously has definitely shown through as our mayor. We congratulate you and your staff on making customer service a priority and realize we're here to help you," he added.