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Credit-card thieves target Marysville


Marysville police say credit-card thieves have zeroed in on the community in the past two weeks, racking up thousands of dollars in purchases with stolen credit- or debit-card numbers.

Detective Don McGlenn said he’s never seen anything like it in his 14 years on the force.

The department typically sees one or two reports of stolen credit-card numbers a month. Now, according to McGlenn, police are receiving anywhere from 10 to 20 reports a day.

One financial institution reported 18-25 victims on Monday, Feb. 25, he said.

Both the victims and the banks issuing the cards appear to be chosen randomly, he said.

The cards are being used all over the country in places such as New York, Michigan, Maryland and Louisiana.

But the stolen numbers aren’t restricted to use in the United States: One was used to make an $11,000 purchase at a jewelry store in Dubai, McGlenn said.

Police believe the thefts are being accomplished either by use of a skimmer or through a network intrusion.

“With a skimmer, they actually have your card and they put it in a device which copies down all that information off that card,” McGlenn explained. “The longer this goes on and the more cards we get, the more it leads me to believe it’s a network intrusion where they’ve gotten in via the Internet.”

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