Toasting is out and dancing is in for Historic Dublin's monthly Thursday event.

Toasting is out and dancing is in for Historic Dublin's monthly Thursday event.

The inaugural Jig, slated for the first Thursday of every month, will kick off March 7, offering up entertainment in Historic Dublin.

The change from the Slainte Thursday event to The Jig came about to gain better public understanding, said Brenda Kocak, Historic Dublin Business Association president.

"A lot of the public response was they just weren't cued into when (Slainte) was or what it was," she said.

"We wanted a fresh idea and to rebrand, not to scrap the idea," Kocak said.

"We want a fresh and new event with an Irish theme and moved it to the first Thursday of the month."

The Jig will also do away with the awkward pronunciation of the Slainte toast used in Ireland and Scotland. Slainte is a Gaelic word that means "health" and in the context of the toast it is sued as "to your health."

The new monthly evening event will still include specials at Historic Dublin restaurants and music, but a few new elements have been added.

"We're working with a local group that handles all the food trucks," Kocak said. "They'll be providing us with licensed food trucks."

Two food trucks will be at the Jig each month, Kocak said, one at the north end behind Bottom Line CPA and the other at the south end by State Bank.

Another addition to the Jig will bring back an event started last October.

"We're also having a ghost walk," Kocak said.

"We're encouraging people to come and hang out. Not necessarily just go to a restaurant but to hang around the historic district."

Slainte Thursday was offered during the warmer months, but the March 7 kickoff will mark the beginning of an event that runs all year.

"Weather permitting we can do different things," Kocak said.

The inaugural Jig for St. Patrick's Day will include a best legs in a kilt contest for men ages 21 and over, to be judged at Brazenhead.

Strolling bagpipers will also be at the Jig in addition to Irish dancers.

"On warmer months we'll have entertainment on BriHi Square," Kocak said.

"We'll have Irish dancers and Dublin Community Bands engaged in our events to play in the square."

Entertainment and events will vary from month to month, Kocak said.

"Restaurants and bars will come up with their own creation of Irish drinks," she said.

"We'd like to turn it into a little competition going forward. Obviously we're taking some baby steps into this. We feel it has legs to grow as the year goes on."

Trolley rides will also be offered throughout Historic Dublin from 6 to 8 p.m.

The ghost tour will begin at Blankets and Booties, 82 S. High St., and is $5. Admission includes a snack and kids will be permitted for free with an adult.

To join the best legs in a kilt contest, contact Ha Penny Bridge Imports at 614-889-9615.

For more information on the Jig, look online at