Driving in the city of Marysville is about to get tricky.

Driving in the city of Marysville is about to get tricky.

The ramp from U.S. Route 33 west to state Route 31 north will close May 6 for reconstruction. The city had asked the Ohio Department of Transportation to delay the project until at least May 30 when Marysville schools start summer break.

"We requested that they not start the project until at least May 30 when school is out, but because of the overall paving project that they are doing and the scheduling, they couldn't delay this till school was out and still get that other project done," City Engineer Valerie Klingman said.

"It's something we don't have any control over, but we tried to make the request," Mayor John Gore said.

The ramp project will include changing the "super-elevation," which is how the road is tipped; widening the shoulders; moving the guardrail back; and flattening the slope.

"It's a major construction project, which is why they have to shut it down," Klingman said.

City officials are concerned about new construction in an area so close to the unfinished state Route 4 bridge project. State Route 4 and state Route 31 are major arteries in and out of the city to the Mill Valley and Scott Farms subdivisions.

Klingman said the official detour probably will take drivers west on Route 33 to the state Route 245 exit and back east on Route 33.

"There will be a lot of other people who will use local detours, but the state has to use the same level of road, so they have to take them down U.S. Route 33 and bring them back," she said.

The city is also trying to coordinate with the school district's transportation department because the ramp closure is likely to affect bus routes for at least four schools.

"Even though it isn't really our responsibility because it's not a city project, we're going to put message boards up," Klingman said.

Information also will be posted on the city website.

The projected completion date for the state Route 4 bridge replacement is May 15, which means the two projects will overlap for at least 10 days.

Gore asked Marysville Police Chief Floyd Golden to be ready to provide help with traffic at the state Route 31/U.S. Route 33 interchange.

"This is going to affect everyone who lives in Mill Valley, but it needs to be done," Klingman said.