Marysville News

Route 31 ramp to close sooner than expected

The Ohio Department of Transportation has notified the city of Marysville that it will close the state Route 31 north ramp from westbound U.S. Route 33 earlier than expected.

The ramp will close for reconstruction Saturday, April 27, instead of May 6.

Anna Krutowskis, Marysville’s public information officer, said message boards have already been posted to alert motorist.

She said the project is expected to be completed by June 4. 

The city had asked the ODOT to delay the project until at least May 30 when Marysville schools start summer break, but City Engineer Valerie Klingman has said officials with the state agency didn’t think that would be possible “because of the overall paving project that they are doing and the scheduling.”

The ramp project will include changing the “super-elevation,” which is how the road is tipped; widening the shoulders, moving the guardrail back and flattening the slope.

“It’s a major construction project, which is why they have to shut it down,” Klingman said.