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Pavilion seen as center for community activities


The city of Marysville and Memorial Hospital of Union County will collaborate on a plan to build an open-air pavilion Uptown that officials hope will become a center for community activities.

The hospital will finance $525,000 over 15 years to pay for construction and the city will hold the bond.

The pavilion will be built in the spring of 2014 in the block surrounded by Plum Street, Sixth Street and Main Street.

"Ultimately, the pavilion will be utilized as a central location in the Uptown area where the community can spend time together during community events," said Anna Krutowskis, Marysville's public information officer. "Most cities typically recognize a central location where they hold their community events; the pavilion will serve that purpose for the city of Marysville."

Community events include such things as Friday Nights Uptown, farmers markets, concerts, start and end points for 5K walks and runs, and functions for the hospital and Marysville Public Library, she said.

Mayor John Gore, City Administrator Terry Emery and members of Marysville City Council attended Memorial Hospital's monthly board of trustees meeting two weeks ago, where the group revealed a conceptual drawing for the pavilion.

The hospital will have naming rights to the pavilion. The new facility will be shared by the city and the hospital and will be available for year-round use by the Marysville Public Library and community members.

"Their patrons will surely benefit through the availability of additional parking and a great location to host educational forums," Gore said.

The current City Hall building will be demolished in January 2014, allowing for the reconstruction of the parking lot and development of the pavilion.

Memorial Hospital CEO/President Chip Hubbs said the hospital has expressed interest in being a part of the Uptown revitalization for some time.

"We sit on the fringe of the Uptown District and this is meant to be a significant effort to help move along those revitalization efforts," he said.

While the pavilion was a part of the overall vision for Uptown, it was not originally part of the city's transition plan for the new Municipal Services Complex.

A little more than a year ago, Marysville officials hinted at the pavilion when they presented an estimated $7-million transition plan to Marysville City Council for the existing fire station on Main Street and City Hall on Sixth Street. Marysville Public Library Director Ryan McDonnell and the library board shared a proposal for a pavilion with the city more than a year ago.