People looking to buy a home in Marysville or make some home repairs might be able to get a little financial help.

People looking to buy a home in Marysville or make some home repairs might be able to get a little financial help.

The city of Marysville and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission are working together to provide down payment help for homebuyers through a Community Housing Improvement Program grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency.

City Planner Greg Delong said Marysville is participating in its fifth CHIP program, which has resulted in an investment of more than $2.5 million toward residential structures over the past 10 years.

"We currently have our sixth CHIP application submitted to the state," he said. "We anticipate to hear in August whether or not we are funded, as the grant is a competitive grant and we can only apply for it every two years."

Money is available to people who are buying a home in Marysville for less than $144,000 as long as the household meets income guidelines of no more than $64,400 annually for a family of four.

The funding for these programs is available only through July and all construction must be completed by the end of October this year.

Delong said the program helps qualified residents in Marysville by assisting them with home improvements, repairs and home ownership.

"As a city, this program assists in stabilizing our housing market by keeping our homes of any age in good condition and occupied," he said.

Residents who have used the program in the past contact him regularly with compliments and "thank-you's" for the help, Delong said.

People who need help making some home repairs can get a no-interest loan that requires no monthly payments. Up to $35,000 of the CHIP grant has been set aside for major home rehabilitation, such as roof replacement, siding, windows, heating systems, weatherization and electrical, structural and lead-based paint hazards.

Grant funds are also available for minor home repairs where no repayment is required.

MORPC's Kathy Werkmeister, director of Housing and Community Services, said counseling for new home-buyers is available through the Community Action Agency of Delaware, Madison and Union Counties.

Delong said Marysville is the applicant for the program and for the past 10 years, has worked in collaboration with MORPC.

"The grant has built-in administrative costs in it, so having MORPC administer the program is at no cost to the city. People interested in the program should contact me at 937-645-1034," Delong said.

Another option is to log onto MORPC's website at or call Anne Arnott at 1-800-886-6772 for more information on qualifications or to apply for CHIP assistance.