Marysville News

Aug. 1

Meeting will deal with charter amendment


Marysville City Council will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. Aug. 1 to hear a recommendation from the Charter Review Board to put an amendment to the city charter on the November ballot.

If approved by voters, it would change Marysville's form of government from a mayor-director-council model to that of a council-manager.

Council will hear the recommendation as a formality at the Aug. 1 meeting in order to meet the Aug. 7 filing deadline for getting issues on the November ballot.

The city once used the council-manager form of government but changed to its current form of having a part-time mayor with a full-time city administrator who reports to the mayor.

Mayor John Gore believes changing back to the council-manager form would allow for a professional to serve in the city administrator's position. That person would be accountable to Marysville City Council, not the mayor.

Gore said the city hired a professional to be city administrator when it hired Terry Emery, who serves in that post now, but that doesn't mean all future administrations will hire professionals under the city's current form of government.

Marysville's current charter calls for the mayor to be elected by popular vote for a four-year term. As the city's chief executive officer, the mayor supervises executive departments and divisions. The mayor also serves as the official and ceremonial head of the municipal government "for all applicable purposes and processes."

The proposed charter amendment calls for city council to select one of its members as mayor, to serve a one-year term. The mayor would serve as council president and would perform ceremonial duties for the city.

Once a mayor is elected, council would then elect a vice mayor who would serve as the president pro-tempore of council.

The charter amendment proposes changing the title of director of administration to city manager and requiring that the person in that post have executive and administrative experience. The city manager would serve as Marysville's chief executive officer and would supervise executive departments and divisions of the city.

Emery said he expects the meeting to last no more than five minutes, but said council must officially hear the city charter amendment before it goes to residents for a vote.