School district voters will choose from among four candidates Nov. 5 to fill three seats on the Marysville Board of Education.

School district voters will choose from among four candidates Nov. 5 to fill three seats on the Marysville Board of Education.

The field of candidates includes Brian Luke, Jeff Mabee, Ed Pleasant and Dick Smith. Luke and Smith were profiled in the Sept. 29 edition of ThisWeek Marysville News.

* Mabee has a bachelor's degree in computer information systems and currently works at WeldQC Inc. as a senior software developer.

He has served on the Marysville school board for eight years, six of those as board president.

He has a wife and two children, a 27-year-old son, and a 24-year-old daughter.

Mabee said the last year has definitely held some difficult challenges, but he believes the board has positioned the district for long-term success.

"I want to come back because I see the incredible potential this district has in its future and I want to be a part of that," Mabee said. "It is important to people to know that school board members are there to represent the best interests of every student. Every choice we make is done by first asking ourselves, 'Is this the best thing for kids?' "

He said board members should not have an agenda when they walk into the boardroom other than doing the best job they can for each and every student.

Mabee said his experience will be helpful as the board moves forward.

"I have been willing to make the tough, and sometimes unpopular, decisions that had to be made in order to meet the best interest of all of our students," he said. "I believe that we should expect our students to reach their full potential and hold ourselves accountable to helping them reach that goal."

* Pleasant holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Urbana College (now known as Urbana University) and a master's degree in administration from Wright State University.

He retired from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in December 2012. He taught high school chemistry and physics from 1969 to 1975, served as assistant principal at Marysville High School from 1975 to 1978 and as principal from 1978 to 1989.

He then spent the next nine years as the principal at Fairbanks High School.

Pleasant has not served on the school board before but did serve on Marysville City Council for six years, including one year as council president, and on several other city boards and committees.

Pleasant married his high school sweetheart 46 years ago. They have one daughter and two granddaughters.

He said his main concern for the district involves short- and long-range goals. He wants to make sure the district has and follows those goals and he wants local government, the school district and the community to work together toward those goals.

"I want to make sure we focus on what the school district does with the district, parents and city government. I want this to be harmonious and look to make sure our curriculum is as strong as we can make it," Pleasant said.

He said he also wants to make sure the district is being fiscally responsible.

"The important thing right now is the auditor is saying property values aren't as high as they anticipated. That means dollars are not as high for schools," Pleasant said. "I think fiscal management is a challenge we'll have to tackle."

He said he believes he has the managerial skills and leadership skills to be an effective board member.

"I've been in education all my life," Pleasant said. "I know this community very well. I've served the city, so I feel the city is doing well and I think the schools can be more successful than they are right now."