Scenes of the Scioto River will flow by drivers sailing through the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange.

Scenes of the Scioto River will flow by drivers sailing through the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange.

A theme depicting the Scioto River was chosen by a committee formed by Dublin City Council to look over aesthetic upgrades to the I-270/U.S. Route 33 interchange that could be constructed as soon as late 2014.

Three themes from Maryland-based Creative Design Resolutions were unveiled to the community last month and the four-member Aesthetic Design Selection Committee chose the theme that will carve scenes of the Scioto River on retaining walls and Celtic designs on parts of bridges and piers.

The design also got a thumbs up from the Ohio Department of Transportation, which will lead the improvements that will largely replace the current cloverleaf design and add additional lanes of traffic on U.S. Route 33 between the interchange and Avery-Muirfield exit.

"ODOT is supportive of the design," said Dublin Senior Project Manager Sara Ott.

"They have the final say. There are things that still have to be worked through that are more technical in nature," Ott said.

"We'll continue to partner with ODOT and make sure we're meeting with their expectations."

The Scioto River scene that depicts the river that runs to the east of Historic Dublin will be integrated into the retaining walls and structural elements of the new interchange, a news release from the city said.

Committee members selected the river because of its ability to convey several different and important messages about Dublin, the release said.

"The river can be seen as a symbol of longevity, having been here before settlement, it will always remain a part of the community," the release stated.

"The river also embodies several aspects of Dublin as a 'green' community, while being able to showcase the popularity of outdoor recreational activities in Dublin."

The Scioto River design will not be difficult to add to retaining walls, Ott said.

"The walls come from concrete form liners, something that every contractor uses," she said.

"We're just influencing what the form liner looks like."

Celtic elements, including a Celtic knot tree will be included in the design on piers that hold up bridges and run along the wall of bridges.

"There will be Celtic elements on the parapets and on bridge piers," Ott said.

"The exact final look of that will get hammered out in the final design," she said.

"The community really embraced the design of the knotted tree.

"We do anticipate using that image in the project as it's been presented because of strong community support of that."

Previous estimates of the aesthetic elements of the interchange put the price tag at around $900,000, which includes 100 acres of landscaping.

"A couple of things that will happen from here are a few reiterations of the design will be finalized," Ott said.

"ODOT and the city will partner to have the artwork constructed with the interchange.

"We'll work cooperatively on how that is bid and how the general contractor for the interchange will approach that work."