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Police seek owner of money envelope


It is a mystery Marysville Police Chief Floyd Golden can't wait to solve. And this time, there are no bad guys.

During the holiday shopping season, a good Samaritan found an envelope full of money inside a local retail business and turned it over to police.

"I'd love to see the people get it back who lost it," Golden said.

"Can you imagine losing a significant amount of money? I hate to lose any money. If I lose a $20 bill, I'd be concerned," he said with a laugh.

Golden declined to release any more specifics about the discovery, which occurred in December, in an effort to make sure the money goes back to its rightful owner.

"We've put it out on social media and if someone can tell us how much and what denominations it is, then that will help us determine if it's their money," he said.

There have been some inquiries, but as of late last week, no one had properly identified the money.

Golden said he is impressed with the finder's honesty. If the envelope's rightful owner isn't found, the good Samaritan may be rewarded.

"After a period of time, we'll probably release it to the finder. There's a period of time we have to hold it," he said. After 90 days, the police can let the finder take the money.

Police said the owner of the money should call 937-645-7300 with specific details.