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Culp leaving Marysville for Grandview

Culp named superintendent of Grandview Heights schools


Assistant Superintendent Andrew Culp will say goodbye to the Marysville school district at the end of June to become a superintendent in Grandview Heights.

Culp was hired by the Marysville school board July 26, 2012. At that time, he was principal at New Albany Middle School.

He started his career as a second-grade teacher with New Albany-Plain Local schools in 1997, and also served as a guidance counselor and assistant principal during his 15 years with that district.

Culp's contract with Marysville authorized a starting base salary of $101,000 a year. His benefits included the same insurance packages as other administrators plus full Medicare and State Teachers Retirement System payments, which total $36,160 a year.

According to a three-year contract approved April 23 by the Grandview Heights City School District Board of Education, his base salary will be $146,000 annually, effective Aug. 1. He will start his new job July 1 under a supplemental contract that is still being worked out.

Culp earned a degree in political science in 1994 from Miami University. In 1997, he earned a master's degree in education from Ohio State University. He has been working on a doctorate in educational administration at Ohio University.

"The Marysville community of parents, students and staff are some of the most genuine, kindhearted, incredible people I've met," Culp said. "This community has been so welcoming and trusting."

He said he has learned a great deal from his time with Marysville schools.

"I have had an unbelievable mentor in Superintendent Diane Mankins. Would it not have been for her investment in me, I'm confident I wouldn't have gotten the position in Grandview," he said.

Culp said Marysville's principals, assistant principals and instructional coaches are some of the finest he has worked with in his career. He also called the three special education staff members -- Kim Jude, director of student services; Ashley Robinson Thompson and Kristen Jones, both teachers on special assignment -- outstanding educators.

"I think one of the things I've learned is the importance of unity of purpose and inseparableness between community and district, and trust and confidence on a narrow set of goals," Culp said.

He said a new position was not really in his plan.

"I was not looking at all; they contacted me," he said. "I am very, very happy in all ways with our work and my role in the work with Marysville.

"It was just too great of an opportunity to pass up."

Culp said he is honored and privileged to have the position of Grandview Heights superintendent.

"They have a long track record of excellence. I look forward to working with the community and staff to continued success with and for students," he said.

"I'll take with me to Grandview the spirit of innovation that Diane Mankins has about what school should look like in the 21st century."

Board President Sue Devine said Culp has been key in several initiatives, including the policy review committee, which went through the entire board policy handbook and made updates. He has helped each building in making the transition to Common Core standards.

"He was a great collaborator," Devine said. "I can't even imagine how many different committees he's been on.

"He is a good person to pull people together. ... He worked with Diane to make sure everything's running smoothly in the district."

Devine said while board members will not be directly involved in the hiring of an assistant superintendent, they will be part of the interview process and will ultimately vote on a hire. She said Mankins will post the position as soon as she receives Culp's official letter of resignation. The search will be open to both internal and external candidates.

"From my perspective, I would like to see someone who can be a collaborator, a great personality to work with, and someone who has been at the building level so they understand what it's like to be a teacher," Devine said. "Diane wants to get someone in place as soon as possible."

Devine said Culp was a pleasure to work with.

"He always brings a smile to my face. He's so enthusiastic, friendly and such a positive attitude," she said. "We are all going to really miss Andy, but we're excited for his opportunity."

"I was not looking at all; they contacted me. I am very, very happy in all ways with our work and my role in the work with Marysville. It was just too great of an opportunity to pass up."


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