A company that has worked in New Albany for many years plans to move its Ohio operations to the city this summer.

A company that has worked in New Albany for many years plans to move its Ohio operations to the city this summer.

"Our plan right now is to move in mid-August. That's our time frame," said Mark Strayer, divisional vice president of Brickman Facility Solutions.

Brickman Facility Solutions is a division of The Brickman Group of Maryland. Strayer said the company's facility solutions division includes landscaping services and snow removal.

"We provide exterior maintenance to national retail clients across the country," he said.

The state of Ohio and the city of New Albany recently approved tax incentives for Brickman's relocation. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority on May 23 approved a seven-year, 50-percent tax credit for the company's move. The company is required to have $3.4 million in payroll and must remain at the New Albany site for 10 years.

According to information from the state, the "Job Creation Tax Credit is a major factor in Brickman's decision to relocate its operations in New Albany. The credit will allow the company to go forward with the operation and increase the capacity and ability to manage their growing customer base and create new jobs. The state of Ohio is in competition with Maryland for this project, as the company has been reaching out to those locations."

Strayer attended the New Albany City Council meeting May 17 when council voted 5-0 to approve an income-tax credit for the company. Community development director Jennifer Chrysler said the company will receive a 30-percent income-tax credit, which means it will pay only 70 percent of income taxes during its first seven years of operation.

According to the city, The Brickman Group is the largest landscape and snow-services contractor in the U.S.

The Brickman Group in 2009 purchased Lawn GreenKeeper in Marion. The company wants to expand its operations so it plans to move into 18,000 to 20,000 square feet of space at 6530 W. Campus Oval in New Albany.

"We thank you so much for considering New Albany as your new home," Mayor Nancy Ferguson said May 17.

According to information from the state, the company must renovate the building and add new machinery and equipment totaling an investment of $915,000.

The company has 82 employees it is bringing from the Marion location and it is anticipated to add another 40 after the move.

According to information provided by the state, the company "will create 63 full-time equivalent employees generating $3.4 million in annual payroll at the project location within three years of the project's initial operations." The average wage for full-time workers will be $26.29 per hour, which includes another $6.57 per hour in benefits. The company also "has committed to hiring at least 10 percent disadvantaged and/or minority persons, as defined by the Ohio Administrative Code."

The 30-percent income-tax credit is divided, with 25 percent given for the relocation and the other 5 percent given as a health and wellness credit. Chrysler said the health and wellness credit requires the company to create a plan encouraging their employees to be healthy. It could include a company-wide initiative or simply a company team walking in the New Albany Walking Classic.

"It has to in some way tie back to health and wellness," she said.

Even with the tax credit, the company is anticipated to pay $94,000 a year in income taxes, with $28,000 of that going to pay off infrastructure debt that helped build that part of the business campus.

Chrysler said the building at 6530 W. Campus Oval initially received tax abatements but those have expired. The building owner must pay 100 percent of the property taxes, which provides more money for the school district.

Brickman Facility Solutions will occupy the space left vacant when MRS Associates moved in 2009. Strayer said the company has some work to do to convert the space for their operations but he said, company officials would first like to move the 82 employees from Marion and then finish work on the remaining space to prepare for the rest of the move.

"Pending approval of the state incentives, we could temporarily move in June," Strayer said last week.