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Art students create ‘Mona Lisa’ mosaic


Students in five of art teacher Juliette Montague’s classes spent three works creating a tile mosaic of the Mona Lisa that is on permanent display at New Albany High School.

“Each tile was created by a student and some students did two tiles,” Montague said.

Montague started the project by taking an image of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and altering it so the familiar face is mixed in with swirls and lots of color.

She then cut the image in pieces and gave each student in her five classes a piece to use when creating their tile. Students in the art foundation, two-dimensional art, advanced two-dimensional art, portfolio and Advanced Placement portfolio classes participated.

Montague said since the classes are not held at the same time, students left Post-it notes for each other on a master grid she kept in her classroom. Each grid contained the name of the student working on the tile.

“It was a nice group project for kids who didn’t even know each other,” Montague said.

Once the paper images were done, students rolled out clay and carved lines in the tiles before choosing the colored glazes to be painted on before the tiles were fired in a kiln.

Montague said if the wrong glaze were used on a tile, it could have changed the look of the entire piece.

The New Albany High School PTO contributed $500 for the project, which paid for all materials, Montague said.

The tile mosaic was hung in a hallway, close to Principal Ric Stranges’ office. A special light was added to illuminate the piece.

Montague said the mosaic was mounted on a wooden frame that had the master grid – with all the students’ names – mounted on the back.