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School board gives superintendent $21,700 performance compensation

The New Albany-Plain Local school board on Dec. 10 approved performance compensation for Superintendent April Domine.

“We’ve been exceptionally pleased with April’s leadership and the results she’s generated in the past year for students,” said school board President Laura Kohler.

“We’ve been delighted to see the progress made in student achievement and are thrilled with the leadership team she put in place for the future.

“She’s done a great job improving communications both internally and for the external stakeholders.”

Domine earns $155,000 per year in salary and her contract allows for performance compensation of up to 15 percent of her salary.

The board gave Domine 14 percent of her salary, or $21,700. She will receive it as a one-time payment before the end of the calendar year.

It is the first time that part of Domine’s contract has been executed. Kohler said Domine declined the option last year.

Domine’s performance was based on the goals set for her by the board and her evaluation, for which the board used the state’s standard superintendent evaluation criteria.

– Lori Wince