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New Albany eyeing park at Main and High streets


New Albany Mayor Nancy Ferguson wants the city to consider a park at the northeast corner of Main and High streets.

"We've been discussing this for about 15 years, since right about the time I went on (New Albany City) Council," Ferguson said.

In 2007, the land was donated to the city by the New Albany Co., the area's largest developer. Ferguson said the city owns three parcels on the corner and in 2009 developed a veterans' memorial there.

Additional plans to establish passive park space with seating were delayed after an economic downturn.

In 2012, City Council authorized planning for the park, which was expected to cost $7,500, but the city did not spend the money.

"I'd like to see if we can move forward and get the plan done, even if we don't have the money to get the park done right now," Ferguson said.

City spokesman Scott McAfee said staff members are updating the estimate on the cost of plans and City Council is expected to discuss the issue at a future meeting.

"City Council will be taking a look at capital projects in general and seeing what their priorities are," McAfee said. "They want to take a look at their capital project list and see if any priorities have changed."

This year, the city will complete its second phase of street improvements along that corner.

Work began in 2012 to widen Main Street between High and Third streets, adding a turning lane and on-street parking.

New street lights and sidewalks, with the brick curbs approved by the Americans With Disabilities Act, will match the first phase of improvements on parts of Main and High streets.

The project is expected to cost $1.8 million and the city is working with American Electric Power to bury the utility lines in the area.

The city will receive $350,000 in grants from the Ohio Public Works Commission and interest-free loans for the project.