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Briscoe retires but hopes to regain elected seat


New Albany City Councilwoman Colleen Briscoe has opted to retire from her city post to collect state benefits, but she said she hopes to regain the seat soon.

City Council on March 5 recognized her retirement and temporarily appointed Glyde Marsh as liaison to the planning commission.

Briscoe said she retired to obtain her benefits through the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, citing recent changes in the state’s benefits system.

“The benefits aren’t large, but it makes sense at this point because of changes (in OPERS),” she said.

The state legislature in September approved Senate Bill 343, which includes changes in the OPERS pension and health-care plans.

It increases the retirement age and changes years of service required to receive a pension.

The pension plan was expected to take effect Jan. 7, 2013, but the state legislature is considering an extension of the timeline in House Bill 67, which the Senate is considering.

Briscoe, an attorney and partner in Briscoe and Webber of Columbus, said she would continue to practice law and is interested in being appointed to City Council in the future.

She said she would apply to be appointed to the seat she just vacated.

Her term expires at the end of 2013, and she said even if she is not appointed to serve the remainder, she will run for the seat in the November election.

City attorney Mitch Banchefsky said the city charter requires City Council to fill the position within 60 days. If City Council fails to fill the seat within that timeline, the mayor will make the appointment.

Briscoe’s retirement was effective March 1, Mayor Nancy Ferguson said.

Briscoe served as mayor of New Albany from 1996 to 2004 and was appointed to a vacant City Council seat in 2004.