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ARB: Roundabout in city's heart would go nowhere


Even though a roundabout at Johnstown Road and Market Street has not been proposed formally, members of the New Albany Architectural Review Board said March 11 they do not believe a circular intersection would be appropriate .

"I have concerns about a roundabout at the village core," ARB Chairman Bernard Costantino said.

Costantino said New Albany officials are encouraging more pedestrian traffic on Market Street and he doubts a roundabout facilitates pedestrian traffic.

The ARB broached the topic because a roundabout was mentioned by local businessman Leslie Wexner at a private event March 5 at the New Albany Country Club.

In his annual update to country club members, Wexner said he likes roundabouts and wishes he had envisioned them when planning the country club community. Wexner founded the New Albany Co., which developed the New Albany Country Club and its surrounding communities.

Board members Brian Nebozuk and Shirli Billings said they, too, would have concerns about a roundabout at Johnstown Road and Market Street. Nebozuk said people in central Ohio often have difficulty figuring out how to use roundabouts.

Tom Rubey, development director for the New Albany Co., said the company has no plans to propose a roundabout for the intersection. The New Albany Co. owns land on the north and south sides of Market Street west of Johnstown Road and land on the south side of Market Street east of Johnstown Road.

In other business March 11, ARB members:

* Approved a certificate of appropriateness and parking waiver for the health facility to be built at the southwest corner of Village Hall and Johnstown roads. The conceptual name for the facility is the Core, the New Albany Center for Community Health.

City Planner Stephen Mayer said the waiver is required because the building will use parking adjacent to the site in the Market Square development.

* Approved a certificate of appropriateness and parking waiver for a retail building to be constructed by the New Albany Co. at the northwest corner of Market Street and Johnstown Road. It will be adjacent to the Core.

The retail building plans required a parking waiver for the same reasons, Mayer said.

* Approved a waiver to the city's urban center code for the New Albany Co. to build townhomes and single-story flats on the east and west sides of Johnstown Road, south of Market Street.

Rubey said the urban center code does not allow both types of housing on both sides of the road.