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CAPA making staffing changes at McCoy center


In the wake of a new contract with the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts to manage daily operations, several staffing changes have occurred at the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts in New Albany.

CAPA officials eliminated Mindy Hayward's position as the McCoy center marketing director.

Rolanda Copley, CAPA's marketing director, took over the position when Hayward left March 8.

Technical director Vince Hirning resigned last week and that position remained open, Copley said.

Administrative assistant Mary Cameron is retiring July 1, but she will continue to work as a board liaison, said McCoy board chairman David Martin.

"We wanted to keep her so she's staying part time and sort of will be managing board meetings," Martin said.

Copley said CAPA created a new position of audience service manager, which has been filled by Cara Blakeslee, another of the McCoy administrative assistants.

"This is a new position that CAPA has for all their theaters," Martin said. "They have someone who is the theater manager or house manager."

Martin said the McCoy center's administrative staff will continue to operate out of the Phelps House on Johnstown Road for the present.

"CAPA loves to have their office in the theater," Martin said. "There isn't really room in our theater, so for time being we'll stay at the Phelps House, which is owned by the city and we lease for $1 a year."

The McCoy center board in December contracted with CAPA to manage the center. Interim director Mike Morris left at the end of December and CAPA filled that position and absorbed other services -- such as accounting -- that the McCoy board previously hired businesses to do.

Copley said the McCoy center and CAPA evaluated the center's operations in preparation for when CAPA takes over full management July 1.

Martin said the McCoy center has a $750,000 annual budget, which is not expected to change.