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Plain Township to purchase new medical vehicle


The Plain Township trustees agreed April 24 in a special meeting to buy a medical vehicle from Horton Emergency Vehicles of Grove City.

Capt. Travis Dudley said the fire department has three emergency-medical units, one of which is a 1996 model with almost 100,000 miles.

"It's getting old and the maintenance costs are going up on it," Dudley said.

Trustees approved $214,640 for the purchase, which was included in the fire department's 2013 budget. The purchase was planned as part of the township's master plan, which was updated in 2011.

The fire department formed an eight-person committee to recommend a new vehicle, Dudley said.

The committee on April 17 recommended using a Dodge chassis based on reviews from other fire departments.

The township's emergency equipment will be transferred to the new vehicle once it is built, Dudley said.

The older medic vehicle is worth $4,000 to $5,000, said Fire Chief John Hoovler.

Fire department officials are not sure what to do with it.

"We're still exploring the best option," said Battalion Chief Greg Ecleberry. "It's different every time, depending on what type of truck it is. It depends on the mileage, age and condition."

Ecleberry said the department could keep the vehicle for a backup, sell it to another government entity or donate it to a nonprofit organization.

Plain Township responded to 1,388 emergency-medical runs in 2012.