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City to install fence on New Albany Condit Road bridge


New Albany will install a short fence between the road and the leisure trail on the west side of the New Albany Condit Road bridge over state Route 161.

"Obviously, our goal is to put this protective fence on the trail side (because) folks have complained to (New Albany City) Council about feeling uneasy or unsafe riding over the bridge and not having that protection against the traffic," said Mark Nemec, the city's public-services director.

City Council on May 7 unanimously approved a motion to spend $26,550 to build a 4-foot, 6-inch fence on the west side of the road.

The concrete leisure path was extended across the bridge in 2008.

The trail is separated from the road by a tall curb, which helps prevent cars from coming up onto the trail, Nemec said.

He said the fence will run the length of the bridge, 300 feet.

He showed City Council a rendering of the metal fence that will be painted green, the same color as the fences on the far side of the bridge that prevent anyone from falling onto state Route 161.

Nemec said the fence will be made of aluminum with metal posts so new sections could be welded in if a section is damaged.

City Manager Joseph Stefanov said the fence will provide extra protection for cyclists.

"If you lose control of the bike, it will prevent you from falling into traffic," Stefanov said.

Interim police Chief Greg Jones said no accidents on the bridge have involved cyclists.

Complaints prompted the action, Nemec said.