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City to finish leisure trail link at Central College Road


New Albany City Council on July 2 agreed to waive a competitive-bidding requirement to complete the leisure trail connection on Central College Road at 2012 prices.

Mark Nemec, the city's service director, said New Albany began construction of the trail 0.2 miles on the north side of Central College Road last year. That piece, which extends east and west of Dean Farm Road, will be completed this year.

Last year, the city was unable to obtain the rest of the right of way needed to extend the trail 825 feet from Dean Farm Road to the New Albany Links Golf Course, Nemec said.

Nemec said the city has since negotiated with the Robert Dean family to acquire right of way and complete the trail connection.

The city wanted to purchase the right of way so the trail could be constructed several feet from the road as it is in other areas, said Mayor Nancy Ferguson.

The property appraisal is $13,000. Nemec said the city is paying $25,000 for the property.

The city has agreed to push the trail closer to the street for 170 feet in front of the Dean family home. Nemec said that will require the city to rework the storm sewer in that area because the trail will be closer to the road.

He said the city is saving some money by waiving bid requirements because Strawser Paving Co., which is finishing the first leg of the trail, has agreed to finish the trail at the prices quoted in 2012.

"To avoid delays in construction and increased costs with re-bidding, the city has obtained pricing from Strawser Paving to complete this work. They have offered to maintain their original bid unit prices which reflect 2012 construction costs and only charge an additional fee for remobilization of equipment," City Council's legislative report said.

The legislation approved by City Council in a 5-0 vote, with Chip Fellows and Chris Wolfe absent, allows the city to pay Strawser up to $98,000 to complete the trail.

City Councilman Stephen Pleasnick, the liaison to the parks advisory board, said the board wants that connection to be closed because it is a long connection.

"It's a really important component of the Central College leisure trail," said city spokesman Scott McAfee. "When it is completed, the Central College trail will extend all the way from New Albany Road East to (U.S. Route) 62."