New Albany News

Sawyers: Include elementary volunteers in background checks

The New Albany-Plain Local school board still is considering tightening the district's volunteer policy by requiring all elementary school volunteers and all other volunteers who work unsupervised with students to have background checks.

The board first discussed updating the policy Aug. 12.

Michael Sawyers, the district's chief of operations and strategic planning, said Aug. 26 that district officials recommend completing a background check on all elementary volunteers because they could be required to work unsupervised with students for a number of reasons.

Sawyers was unable to provide the board with a count of how many volunteers would be affected but said background checks would cost $23 for Ohio residents and $46 for those who have moved from out of state.

The board has discussed splitting the cost of the background check with the volunteers or paying the full cost this school year when the policy is implemented.

The school board typically reviews policy changes three times before finalizing them with a vote.

-- Lori Wince