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Johnstown, Greensward and Lambton Park roads

City seeks grants to build roundabout


New Albany City Council on Sept. 3 authorized City Manager Joseph Stefanov to apply for $2 million in grants from the Ohio Public Works Commission to build a roundabout at the intersection of Johnstown, Greensward and Lambton Park roads.

Council considered the project for a grant application last year, which was estimated to cost $1.1 million, but decided to apply for other projects instead.

According to City Council's legislative report, "Traffic counts at the intersection support the installation of some type of traffic-control device. Options include the installation of a roundabout or traffic signal."

Councilman Glyde Marsh, who in the past has opposed roundabouts, asked why the city would request funding for the most expensive solution to traffic congestion at that intersection, when traffic signals cost less.

Stefanov said the roundabout would help with pollution because cars are constantly moving through the intersection instead of being stopped at a traffic light.

"Given the proximity of the traffic signal at the intersection of U.S. Route 62 (Johnstown Road) and Thompson Road, the administration believes that a roundabout would function more efficiently than a signal," the legislative report said.

Stefanov said the city would have to consider how pedestrians would be accommodated at the intersection.

In other business Sept. 3, City Council approved the annexation of 11.9 acres from Plain Township.

The land includes three parcels owned by the New Albany Co. at the southwest corner of Johnstown Road, south of Temple Beth Shalom.

The area is designated for residential uses in the city's strategic plan, according to the legislative report, and is adjacent to other land zoned for residential uses.

All property that is annexed is given an agricultural zoning upon annexation, according to the city charter.