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Plain Township asks for 40-mph speed limit on Clouse Road


Plain Township is requesting that the state of Ohio post a 40-mph speed limit on Clouse Road.

Plain Township Administrator Ben Collins said residents asked the township to review the speed limit.

Trustee Dave Olmstead said the road does not have a posted speed limit, which by default means the limit is 55 mph.

Marilyn Saveson, who lives on Clouse Road, said residents were petitioned and many think the limit should be posted as low as 30 mph.

She said children and domesticated animals live on Clouse Road and motorists can encounter many deer as well.

The trustees voted 3-0 Sept. 18 to request the 40-mph speed limit.

The speed limit can be changed, per Ohio Revised Code section 4511.21, which reads: "Whenever, in the opinion of a board of township trustees, any altered prima-facie speed limit established by the board under this division becomes unreasonable, the board may adopt a resolution withdrawing the altered prima-facie speed limit."