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Board to revisit naming-rights issue


New Albany-Plain Local officials will form an ad hoc committee to once again discuss naming rights for district facilities.

In 2010, board members talked about implementing a policy that would authorize the superintendent to recommend approval of names, use of funds and terms concerning commemoration of property.

At that time, the board proposed naming for school buildings or district property be "reserved only for those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the enhancement of education generally or the district in particular or to the well-being of the district, community, state or nation," according to the draft policies.

The board did not agree on a solution to the issue in 2010 and did not approve a policy.

On Oct. 28, district officials asked board members to revisit the issue.

Board President Laura Kohler said she was uncomfortable with a policy when the district considered it three years ago.

But, she said, the 2012 artificial-turf project at the high school stadium has changed her opinion.

"I was skeptical initially, but it was such a positive experience," she said of the turf project.

The $600,000 artificial-turf project was funded privately.

The New Albany Athletic Boosters raised more than $623,000 for the turf project. The club requested the field be renamed Veterans Field and that veterans receive free admission to all events.

Kohler said the district will have to be careful naming things paid for by taxes. But, she said, the Veterans Field project "has caused me to start to really imagine other possibilities and ways to fund other initiatives or capital needs in the district."

Board member Mark Ryan said the board should review other districts' policies for a more in-depth look at the issue, so Kohler asked Superintendent April Domine to form an ad hoc committee.