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Plain Township

Fire station will be evaluated for potential repairs

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The Plain Township trustees voted 3-0 Nov. 6 to spend up to $1,500 for an assessment of the structure and systems at the fire station on Johnstown Road.

"The building is approaching 17, 18 years old, and sometime soon we're going have to think about replacing the roof," Fire Chief John Hoovler said.

"The heating and cooling system -- a lot of the parts are obsolete now so we need to look at updating them. There are areas where the flooring or carpeting needs taken up and more durable flooring be put down. We're already looking to repair the kitchen. "

The trustees hired Roger Fields and Kevin Hoffman to do the work.

Hoffman, of Kevin S. Hoffman Associates Architects of Columbus, is the architect who designed the building, and Fields, of Roger D. Fields and Associates of Columbus, is the mechanical engineer who designed the building's systems, Hoovler said.

"Mostly, we just want to get their professional opinions of what we need to do to plan for the future," Hoovler said.

He said he does not anticipate the township making any repairs immediately, but he would like a timeline and associated costs to plan improvements over the next two to five years.

Hoovler said the fire department already formed a committee that is going to recommend kitchen improvements.

He said it would be separate from this project and he already budgeted $25,000 for improvements.

The kitchen hasn't been remodeled since the building opened in August 1997.

Hoovler said doors are falling off the cabinets, part of the countertop is bowed and the fire department has replaced many of the appliances twice -- three times, in some cases.

Hoovler said he'd like to get information from the study within 60 to 90 days.

"They designed it and everything, so they should be totally familiar with it," Hoovler said.