New Albany officials estimate the city will have a $139,000 surplus in 2014.

New Albany officials estimate the city will have a $139,000 surplus in 2014.

Budget talks were scheduled to continue this week.

Chad Fuller, the city's finance director, is projecting $13,465,477 in general-fund revenue and $13,326,431 in general-fund expenses for 2014.

Fuller said revenue is up 9.4 percent because of increased withholding taxes from new employees in the business campuses. Expenses are up 8 percent, mostly because of projects planned for New Albany Village Hall on Johnstown Road and for the service department facility on Bevelhymer Road.

Fuller said $350,000 has been allocated to fix the front steps and seal the parking lot at New Albany Village Hall. Inside, the city will replace carpet, chairs in City Council chambers and paint as needed.

The city plans to spend $250,000 at the service department by sealing the parking lot, fixing the salt barn roof, replacing the fuel island canopy and replacing some window seals in the building.

"We've put this off the past couple of years," Fuller said.

He said because revenue is expected to increase, city officials included the projects in the 2014 budget.

City officials did not include salary for a human-resources director in the budget. City Manager Joseph Stefanov included revenue in the 2011 and 2012 budgets for a human-resources director and an employee for the finance department.

The funding, $90,000, was cut out of those budgets and not included in the 2013 budget.