New Albany News

School district down to two calamity days


The New Albany-Plain Local school district has used three of its five calamity days allotted this school year.

District spokesman Patrick Gallaway said a storm was predicted Dec. 6 and most schools canceled classes that day even though the storm ended up being worse that afternoon than it was in the morning.

The other days -- Jan. 6 and 7 last week -- were due to extreme cold; Franklin County experienced subzero temperatures.

The Ohio Department of Education allows school districts to schedule calamity days for: "hazardous weather conditions, disease epidemic, damage to a school building, inoperability of buses or other equipment necessary to the school's operation or temporary conditions making the school building unfit, such as utility failure," according to its website.

The state will change calamity days to an allotment of hours in the 2014-15 school year.

The Ohio Department of Education's website says districts will be given a minimum number of hours for instruction. If a district has to close several times during the school year and cannot provide the minimum numbers of hours of instruction, its schools would have to make up the lost hours.

The change applies to "traditional school districts, joint vocational school districts and chartered nonpublic schools," the website says.