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City Council lowers noise restrictions


New Albany City Council amended the city's noise ordinance Feb. 18, allowing music to be played later in the evening on weekends and holidays.

The original noise ordinance requires noise from radios, stereos and other sounds related to residential parties to stop or be turned down by 10 p.m. so the music cannot be heard by residents within 50 feet of the source.

The legislation approved by a 4-2 vote -- Colleen Briscoe was absent -- will allow residents to play music until 11 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays, on holidays and the nights before holidays.

Mayor Nancy Ferguson and Mike Mott, Stephen Pleasnick and Sloan Spalding voted in favor of the amendment. Chip Fellows and Glyde Marsh voted against it.

Ferguson said residents requested the change.

Fellows said residents of the New Albany Links have questioned him about the noise ordinance in the past because of weddings and other events held at the Links golf course.

City Council heard the first reading of the legislation Feb. 4. Council members asked for clarification on the definition of holiday and requested the legislation include the night before a holiday.

City Attorney Mitch Banchefsky said the word holiday already is defined in the city's codified ordinances.

Pleasnick asked if the New Albany Police Department receives many complaints about noise violations. Police Chief Greg Jones said the department does not get a lot of complaints.

Marsh said restricting noise to prevent residents 50 feet away from hearing it is too close.

Marsh proposed an amendment to the legislation to change the distance to 500 feet. The amendment failed 4-2 with Ferguson, Mott, Pleasnick and Spalding voting against it and Fellows and Marsh voting in favor.