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Science fair doubles in size its second year


The New Albany-Plain Local School District's second annual science fair doubled in size, featuring 85 students showcasing 54 science projects this year, according to organizers.

"It's getting pretty big," said organizer Indu Gopal.

Last year, the 28 projects were judged, Gopal said.

Students exhibited their work March 1 at the 2-5 elementary building dining hall.

Gopal said the science fair was open to students in grades three to 12. This year, most of the participants were fifth-graders but, she said, a few middle school students were involved, as well.

Though many of the projects involve basic scientific principles, Gopal said, some interesting concepts were on display, including saltwater-powered cars and how gender affects choices.

Gopal said 22 judges used a rubric established by the Ohio Academy of Science to judge each project. Projects were given one of five ratings, from superior to poor, and each student received a certificate with the project's rating at the end of the day.

This year's set of judges included teachers and parents who are scientists. Gopal said the district also used two high school students as judges, seniors Lokita Rajan and Ama Koranteng.

Gopal said the two girls volunteered to be judges and she expected them to have a "different perspective" than the other judges.

"They both are interested in science and have done a lot as leaders," Gopal said. "I expected they will have a fair mind toward the science projects."

Gopal said students who receive a superior rating at the New Albany Science Fair can participate in the regional science fair, which will be held March 15 at Columbus State Community College.