New Albany News

Makeup day scheduled May 30

New Albany-Plain Local students are expected to make up one day Friday, May 30, after the district used six calamity days during the winter, said district spokesman Patrick Gallaway.

The district's plan was unaffected by Ohio House Bill 416, which Gov. John Kasich signed last week to grant four additional calamity days to districts that already must make up at least four days.

Gallaway said the law "will actually benefit districts around the state that used in excess of nine calamity days this year. It will not impact us since we only used one additional day beyond the (already) excused five calamity days."

Gallaway said to use the extra calamity days, "schools must first make up four other snow days, such as by holding school on a scheduled holiday. In total, schools must have canceled more than nine days to use the extra calamity days."

If up to three additional calamity days are needed due to weather or other emergencies, they will be made up the week after May 30, according to the district.

-- Lori Wince