New Albany officials are updating the city website to include job postings for local businesses.

New Albany officials are updating the city website to include job postings for local businesses.

"It is for businesses advertising any job they might have available," said Jennifer Chrysler, the city's community-development director.

Chrysler said the city added the new feature with help from Buckeye Interactive, a local company that got its start in New Albany's business incubator and maintains the city website,

The city pays Buckeye Interactive $4,200 annually to help maintain the website, according to city spokesman Scott McAfee.

The job-postings feature is available by clicking the city website's "Economic Development" link, which redirects to a separate page. The Economic Development page, which can be accessed directly at, has a "Find Jobs" link.

Chrysler said the idea for the new feature came from local business leaders.

As part of a business-retention program, city officials visit large- and medium-sized companies annually and inquire about their needs.

Chrysler said businesses previously asked for amenities near the business parks: restaurants, hotels and groceries.

Businesses also asked for health-related amenities, such as leisure trails, and local events for employees.

Now, employers are asking how to solicit more employees, Chrysler said.

Job postings will be added to the website as employers request them, she said.

The first company listing jobs is Knowlton Development Corp., which is in the Personal Care and Beauty Campus.

The Knowlton Development Corp. manufactures health, beauty, household and personal-care products for Fortune 500 companies that specialize in consumer products and household products, according to its website.

Chrysler said the Knowlton Development Corp. wants to hire 100 employees.

Chrysler said Dublin is the only other central Ohio city that she knows posts jobs for local companies.

Brad Griffith, president of Buckeye Interactive, said the new feature was designed specifically for New Albany's website and is different from some of the other programs his company has installed for other cities.