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New Albany City Council

$1.2M authorized for roadwork


New Albany City Council on May 6 agreed to spend $1.2 million to resurface 11.5 lane miles of residential streets and repair 200 feet of curbs.

Service Director Mark Nemec told City Council that city officials had budgeted $1.4 million for improvements to the following streets: Ashton Green; Belmont Place; Brompton Court; Byington Lane; Chetwood Close; Conklin Court; Cummons Court; Ehret Round; Evans Road; Farber Court; Gunston Hall; Helmsley Green; James River Road from Head of Pond Road to Eyre Hall Pass and James River Close; King George Drive; Lambton Park Road; Lambton Place; New Albany Links Drive from Stone Gate to Kindler drives; Queen Ann Street; Redford Court; Roxton Court; Shirley Court; Somerly Court; Sutton Place; Trumbo Court; and Willow Grove.

Nemec said the budgeted amount was intended to leave a "cushion" in case bids come in higher than anticipated.

New Albany City Council voted 6-0 to advertise for bids for the road projects. Councilman Glyde Marsh was absent from the meeting.

City spokesman Scott McAfee said the list of streets could be adjusted if bids come in higher than $1.2 million.

Nemec said contractors would have from mid-June to the end of October to complete projects, but he does not have a projected start date. Last year, the work was done in August and September.

Nemec said the city uses a computer program to rate each street as good, fair or poor.

He said the city will resurface and crack seal roads and use a microsurfacing application and rejuvenating agent on others. He said the rejuvenating agent is used on roads that were paved within the last year and helps to extend the life of the road by preventing water and salt from penetrating the asphalt.

Nemec said city officials prioritize the roads based on condition and group projects together, if possible, to keep workers concentrated in specific areas and mitigate costs.

The curb replacement and repair work will include upgrades to comply with the American Disabilities Act, Nemec said.

In other business May 6, City Council voted 6-0 to approve two resolutions that waive competitive bidding requirements and have American Electric Power extend fiber-optics lines to the city's service department and the Personal Care and Beauty Campus.

Nemec said funding to extend the lines to the service department is included in the 2014 budget.

A second fiber line to the business campus will cost $300,000 from the city's economic-development fund, according to the legislative report.