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New Albany, townships sign annexation deals


New Albany officials have approved several annexation agreements with Plain and Jersey townships.

City Manager Joseph Stefanov said the annexation agreements are required by law prior to any expedited type 1 annexation requests.

Jennifer Chrysler, the city's community-development director, said the annexation requests would be submitted in the future.

New Albany City Council on May 6 approved an agreement with Plain Township trustees for the annexation of two 5-acre parcels south of Evans Road.

Chrysler said Abercrombie and Fitch would request the annexation to reconfigure a parking lot.

The annexation agreement includes potential revenue sharing with the township for funding lost by the Plain Township Fire Department if the city approves a tax-increment financing district for the property.

A TIF is an economic development mechanism available to local governments to finance public infrastructure improvements and, in certain circumstances, residential rehabilitation, according to the Ohio Department of Development. A TIF works by locking in the taxable worth of real property at the value it holds at the time the authorizing legislation was approved, which means the township would not receive any increased property-tax value from the property if it were developed within a TIF.

The Plain Township trustees approved the agreement May 7.

The other annexation agreement with Plain Township includes 20 acres west of Bevelhymer Road and north of New Albany Road East and 4.9 acres north of Walnut Street, adjacent to the city's service complex.

Stefanov said the 20 acres are expected to be annexed for a potential residential development.

The annexation agreement includes the same provision for potential revenue sharing with the township if the city were to approve a TIF for the property.

New Albany City Council approved the annexation agreement on May 20 and the Plain Township trustees approved it May 21.

The final annexation agreement is for 71 acres in Jersey Township west of Harrison Road for the proposed expansion of L Brands in the city's Personal Care and Beauty Campus.

L Brands is expected to move 500 employees from Reynoldsburg to a new facility in New Albany, which is anticipated to include 360,000 square feet for corporate offices and a 500,000-square-foot distribution facility in the project's first phase.

Stefanov said the city plans to extend Cobbs Road northwest to connect with Smith's Mill Loop Road.

The annexation agreement includes a provision for revenue sharing with Jersey Township for funding lost by the West Licking Joint Fire District if the city were to approve a TIF for the property.

New Albany City Council approved the annexation agreement May 6 and the Jersey Township trustees approved it May 5.

On the same days, respectively, City Council and Jersey Township trustees also approved an agreement to share responsibility for maintenance of Harrison Road, which borders the project.