Jack Dong is once again calling a restaurant his own.

Jack Dong is once again calling a restaurant his own.

After nearly two decades away from the industry, he has opened Joyce's Kitchen in Northland. His 12-year-old daughter inspired the name.

It's a slight departure for Dong, who once owned two Yet Sing's Kitchens, one on Lane Avenue and another on the West Side. They closed in the early 1990s, and he went into the picture-framing business, which he still owns.

But adding an American comfort-food component even took son Toby Dong by surprise.

"To me, it's a little different seeing that too," said the former manager of W.C. Gathers in Worthington, who also has been a server at various restaurants across town and a dishwasher in his father's eateries.

Widening the choices also broadens the potential pool of customers, he said. And he likes the location, a stone's throw from the Continent in a neighborhood somewhat underserved by restaurants.

More traditional Chinese dishes include clams with black bean sauce, pigs feet in red bean curd sauce and tofu hot pot. (Of course, there are more familiar choices, such as potstickers and General Tso's chicken.)

American options include pot roast, meatloaf and country fried steak.

Recognizing the belt-tightening in many households, they kept prices reasonable. Most lunches are in the $4.95 to $6.25 range and dinners, $6 to $10.

The chef is John Yau, who owned Shangri La on Cleveland Avenue before selling it three years ago.

The 3,500-square-foot restaurant, 6101 Busch Blvd., was formerly a dim sum establishment. It seats about 120.

They have applied for a liquor license but it is not yet in place.

Joyce's Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner daily. For more information, call 614-888-9779.