The people organizing this year's Northland Community Fourth of July Parade say they need volunteers to help with the event.

The people organizing this year's Northland Community Fourth of July Parade say they need volunteers to help with the event.

"The Northland Community Fourth of July Parade requires a small army of volunteers to conduct a fun, well-coordinated and hazard-free event," according to Brenda Baker, who is in charge of parade participation. "We invite volunteers of all ages with virtually every skill and talent.

"You will absolutely be able to volunteer on parade day and still view and enjoy the parade in its entirety," she added.

Volunteers are needed from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday, July 4.

Assistance is being sought now for help with designing and building a Northland Community Council float, as well as on the day of the parade. Four or more people are needed for this. The parade committee has a donor vehicle and driver already lined up.

Other volunteer opportunities, according to the announcement from Baker, include:

Six or more banner-carriers, who should wear comfortable shoes for the 1.7-mile route.

Staging area traffic monitors, 10 people or more, to provide guidance to participants, direct them to proper lineup locations and serve as extra eyes and ears for public safety. Safety traffic monitors would also provide secondary assistants for directing participants into the roadway; Sandy and John Lafollette are primary directors.

Car donors with licensed drivers, especially convertibles, if there is a need to escort invited guests, especially World War II veterans.

Honor Guard members.

Set-up and tear-down assistance, one or two people each at the parade start registration, at the reviewing stand in front of the North YMCA and at the parade's end to collect banners and award signs.

Emcee announcement assistance, one or two people to transmit the random order of participants directed into the parade roadway. These volunteers would be in constant communication with parade chair and master of ceremonies.

Providing George Schmidt with information about which participants are coming in what order so he can make proper announcements. These volunteers might be called on to use personal cell phones or parade-provided two-way radios.

Photographers to capture and record digital photos on behalf of the NCC.

A judging assistant to document award winners, collect contact information and distribute award signs.

Bike riders to ride back and forth along the parade route sidelines, making sure the audience remains safely out of the roadway.

Those interested may email Schmidt at gschmidt@wowway. com or call 519-7615; email Sandy and John Lafollette at john91@, sandy.lafollette@, or call 262-6249; Baker via e-mail at bbaker@, or call 262-6479, ext. 102, or 885-9560.

Volunteers may also email