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NCC expels 3 non-attending members


Northland Community Council members voted unanimously last week to drop three associations from the rolls after no one from any of them attended a single monthly meeting for a combined three years.

Expelled from the council on a voice vote were North Village, following 19 straight absences; Woodstream West after a representative missed 16 meetings in a row; and Blendon Meadows, with 11 consecutive no-shows.

NCC secretary Brandon L. Boos said efforts to reach an officer or member of those three civic groups by phone, email and regular mail met with no success. He added that it hasn't been possible to determine if the organizations even still exist.

"This is not a punitive measure," NCC president Emmanuel V. Remy said.

The drastic step of stripping membership from these three groups had to be taken in order to prevent the NCC from having difficulty fielding a quorum at monthly meetings, he said.

The NCC's bylaws require that a majority of members be on hand in order for votes taken during a monthly meeting to be considered valid.

"It's easy for them to get back in," Remy added.

If a representative from an expelled organization begins regularly attending the council's meetings, generally held the first Tuesday of the month at Friendship Village of Columbus, 5800 Forest Hills Blvd., reinstatement to full voting privileges occurs within a short period of time, he said.