A proposed apartment-retail complex off Ulry Road is no more.

A proposed apartment-retail complex off Ulry Road is no more.

The plan drew so many protestors to a meeting in late August that they crowded the Northland Community Council development committee out of its meeting site.

Attorney Jill Tangeman of Vorys, Slater, Seymour and Pease LLP said at last week's development panel session that her client, Preferred Real Estate, has dropped all plans regarding the mixed-use project.

That includes filing another application to have the Blendon Township site annexed into the city of Columbus.

A previous annexation application was pulled.

The deal for the purchase of the property at 5800 Ulry Road is being renegotiated, Tangeman added, and no other plans exist for developing it at this time.

"We would be a long way from moving forward in a formal sense," she said at the NCC development committee meeting, being held for the first time in the much-larger venue of the Northland Performing Arts Center off Tamarack Boulevard.

"It's not anything that's imminent," she added.

"You mean we moved to this bigger space for nothing?" committee chairman Dave Paul asked jokingly.

The proposal, which had not been formally filed, would have upped the existing residential density on the site from three units an acre to 10 units an acre, for a total of 96 apartments, along with some commercial development.

Nearby residents, particularly those in the Rolling Hills subdivision, turned out in droves to protest an informal review of what was being considered at the committee's meeting on Aug. 29.

That session drew so many people to the cozier confines of the Minerva Park Community Center that dozens of upset residents who live near the site camped out on lawn chairs in front of the building to show their unanimous and symbolic opposition to more multifamily development in the area.

NCC development committee sessions have since moved to the theater area of the Performing Arts Center, home to Vaud-Villities Productions Inc.